Suction Hoses for agriculture, industry and petroleum applications

Hebei Qianli Rubber Products Co., Ltd. has been a major supplier to customers ranging from Asia, East Asia, Middle America, Europe and Africa due to 20 years' hard work and continuous development. We value the relationship between our customers and us and never treat any deal as one-off. Hence, our company put importance on products and after-sales service. If the suction hose you purchased from us is not workable during specified time, we promise free change including the freight cost.

Suction hoses should work in negative pressures, sometimes should stand with full vacuum. According to the raw materials, there are two types – PVC suction hose and rubber suction hose.

PVC is a kind of rigid and lightweight material. It is very compatible with acids, alkalis, water and abrasive materials except oils. So it is often used to transport fertilizer, slurry, mud, mild chemicals and powders.

Rubber suction hoses are designed to delivery oils and petroleum mixtures with aromatic content less than 50%. EPDM and SBR are the two main materials. Sometimes, the cover is reinforced by PVC helix, which has superior abrasion resistance and easy dragging.

Similar to other hoses, suction hoses should also stay away from kick and crush. Anti-kick rubber suction hose is specially designed for the harsh environments. Its reinforcement is not a spiral wire but monofilament helix.

A suction hose is not fit for all purposes. You should select the right suction hose type before installation. PVC suction hose is not compatible with fuels & oils, while rubber hoses are not used to carry chemicals. Besides media to be carried by the hose, bore size is another important element. If the velocity of the media surpasses the limited value, excessive heat and turbulence will create, all of which will badly reduce the hose's life expectancy.

If you are not so sure about suction hose selection or other problems, contact us immediately and we will reply you soonest.

Clear PVC hose and PVC reinforced EPDM hose
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Hot Products
Fuel suction & discharge hose can hold petroleum and fuel mixture with aromatic content up to 50% under 145 psi regardless of bore sizes at ambient temperature.
SAE 100R4 suction hose is designed to convey water & petroleum based hydraulic fluids, water, slurry, powder in agriculture, industry & construction.
EPDM suction hose with external PVC helix combines the advantages of PVC and rubber. Ideal for delivering water, fuels, petroleum with aromatic 60% or less.
PVC fuel suction hose manufactured by nitrile compound is suitable for conveying gasoline, diesel and hydraulic fluids with low aromatic content.
Technology List

Characteristics of hose elastomers help you to choose the right material for your applications. They contains fuel resistance, extreme temperature and ozone resistance.