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Stronger braided PVC suction/discharge hose

Braided PVC hoses will be subjected to both suction and higher pressure discharge applications over conventional PVC hoses. Textile braided PVC suction/discharge hose consists of three parts – external rigid PVC helix, textile braid reinforcement and clear PVC tube. Textile braid increases working pressure and strength. External corrugated PVC helix allows for dragging. Smooth tube surface allows for smooth flow and will not create excessive heat, which will degrade the performance of the hose.

Braided hard wall construction exceeds typical PVC hose and can be used in conveying chemicals, fertilizer, water and other materials. When comes to higher strength and operating pressure, braided PVC suction is the exact alternative.

Braided PVC suction hose with orange PVC helix

Braided PVC Suction Hose

Your benefits:

  • Textile braided reinforcement improves working pressure and strength;
  • PVC helix for easy dragging;
  • Smooth tube reduce heat creating;
  • Cam & groove, threaded fittings.

Product description:
Tube: smooth PVC tube;
Reinforcement: textile braid;
Cover: rigid PVC helix.
Temperature range: -25°C (-13°F) to +70°C (158°F);
Working pressure: 100 psi;
Hose diameter: 1-1/2" to 12".

Braided PVC Suction Hose
Inside Diameter (inch) Outside Diameter (inch) Working Pressure (psi, at 70°F) Vacuum Rating (in/Hg) Bend Radius (inch) Weight (lbs/ft.)
1-1/2 1.89 100 28 4 0.36
2 2.45 100 28 5 0.54
3 3.61 100 28 7 1.07
4 4.73 75 28 8 1.74
6 7.13 70 28 12 3.81
8 9.3 50 28 30 5.52
10 11.5 35 28 44 9.58
12 13.7 30 25 80 10.3

Remark: Working pressures and vacuum ratings are measured at 21°C (70°F). They will decrease as the temperature rise.

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