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Clear PVC suction & discharge hose with PVC Spiral

Green PVC suction hose with white PVC helix reinforcement

PVC suction hose with PVC helix

PVC suction hose consists of a smooth bore tube and external rigid PVC helix that allows for easy dragging and protecting the inside PVC tube. Smooth internal hose at utmost reduce resistance of liquids flowing. Rigid PVC helix comes with many colors including white, black, blue, yellow or as required. The external helix contributes to safe dragging on rough surface and high flexibility.

Clear PVC suction hose make it easy to observe the material transferring along the hose. PVC suction & discharge hose is suitable for water, fertilizer and chemicals. It can provide full vacuum to up to 150 psi operating pressure at ambient temperature. End fittings like cam & groove, threads and flanges are available.

Note: PVC suction hose isn't suitable for transferring all fertilizer. EPDM is the must for special agriculture chemicals.


  • Smooth bore and corrugated cover;
  • Clear tube;
  • Durability and cost-effective.
Clear PVC Suction Hose – PVC Helix
Inside Dia. (in) Outside Dia. (in) Operating Pressure (psi) Bend Radius (in) Wt/Ft (lbs)
2 2.62 100 4 0.71
3 3.71 100 6 1.14
4 4.80 75 7 1.75
5 6.05 70 9 3.0
6 7.17 70 10 3.90
8 9.33 70 16 6.56

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