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Superflex rubber suction hose for petroleum & fuels

Owing to corrugated tube and cover, Superflex petroleum suction/discharge hose is more flexible than common rubber suction hose. It is usually used in most applications where tight bend radius is urgently needed.

Black corrugated NBR/SBR compound tube has outstanding abrasion and oil resistance. Spiral anti-static wire with tire cord holds most port of the pressure. The spiral wire is directly clung to the tube to prevent kick and crush. Corrugated cover and corrugated tube together provides superior flexibility.

Superflex fuel suction hose with corrugated bore surface and cover

Superflex suction hose construction

Product description:
Tube: corrugated synthetic rubber;
Reinforcement: multiple plies of tire cord with spiral wire;
Cover: synthetic rubber, excellent abrasion resistant;
Temperature range: -65°F to +180°F (-54°C to +82°C);
Operating pressure: 150 psi;
Bore size: 2", 3" and 4";
Packaging: coiled and poly wrapped.

Superflex Petroleum Suction Hose
in. mm. in. mm. psi Mpa in. mm. in. mm. lb./ft. kg./m.
2 51 2.5 63.5 150 1.03 2 51 29 737 1.08 1.61
3 76 3.48 88.5 150 1.03 3 76 29 737 1.62 2.41
4 102 4.55 115.7 150 1.03 4 102 29 737 2.35 3.50

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