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Found in 1994, Hebei Qianli Rubber Products Co., Ltd. has been regarded as honest and reliable manufacturer and supplier of suction hoses. To meet with the requirements on the market, many types of suction hoses are developed. They can be used to applications of delivery water, slurry, mud, sewage, fertilizer, chemicals and fuels & petroleum.


Our products
Suction hoses are widely used in agriculture, industry, petroleum & oil applications. These hoses should be anti-static in case of burning and injuries. PVC hoses, rubber hoses are can be used as suction hoses. Rigid PVC suction hose has superior abrasion resistant and lighter weight than common rubber hoses. It is often used as the delivery of water, powder, mild chemicals, slurry, sewage and other materials which can be compatible with PVC.

Rubber suction hoses such as EPDM and SBR are used to carry fuels and petroleum with aromatic content up to 50%. Exterior PVC helix protects the inside rubber hose from abrasion and improve easy handling and dragging.

Our vision
Our company is owned and run by hard-working people dedicated to provide you quality products in the best price. We are always taking every customer as a partner. We will help you to gain critical requirements from your customers. We are striving for win-win for both sides.

Our mission
Our company has built a culture of continuous improvement. Unparalleled service & value will be through the whole process of your purchase. If anything wrong after sales, we will deal with the matter as soon as we get your information.

With the development of the economy, high quality and durable suction hoses are urgently required. We are looking for unique and innovative solutions to solve our partner's problems in using the hose.

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